Start my Windows98 Driver without reboot??

Start my Windows98 Driver without reboot??

Post by sonu_p » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 17:46:08

Greets All..

I have developed a Win98 driver file which otherwise works perfectly
but I need to autostart it when my application using the driver
interfaces uses it without rebooting my system.
Now what I am doing is just adding some registry parameters specifying
the path of the driver with some other parameters(start,error..etc)
and manually copying the *.sys file into "system"directory.

But the problem is it requires reboot to load the driver into OS
In windows 2000 I have CreateService() and StartService() to load the
binary image of my SYS into OS,but in Win98 no such interfaces.

Could anyone suggest a way to do this.
Any sort of ideas are really welcome..'coz I am damn need of a
procedure to do this.