DRIVER_OBJECT's DriverName field

DRIVER_OBJECT's DriverName field

Post by tshelto » Wed, 28 Apr 2004 22:24:50

How is the DriverName field of a DRIVER_OBJECT initialized ?

I believe it gets used as the first insertion string of ErrorLog
entries, but mine is blank. Am I responsible for initializing it
during DriverEntry, or am I missing a registry key or something like
that ?

I'm currently working in winnt 4.0.

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D2007 - dbExpress - MSSQL

I am using named connections with a custom ini file and at runtime I set the
TSQLConnection.ConnectionName and then call
LoadParamsFromIniFile(MyIniFile). This should automatically set the driver
name with the params are loaded, however, when tracing through the
SqlExp.pas the DriverName does not even get set from the Params after they
are loaded.

function SetDriverName never gets called so the following never get loaded

FVendorLib := Trim(GetProfileString(FDriverName, VENDORLIB_KEY,
FLibraryName := Trim(GetProfileString(FDriverName, DLLLIB_KEY,
FGetDriverFunc := Trim(GetProfileString(FDriverName,
GETDRIVERFUNC_KEY, DriverRegistryFile));

From the Help:
If you are using named connections, the DriverName property is automatically
set when you set the ConnectionName property.

- Craig

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