Enumeration of driver tree!!

Enumeration of driver tree!!

Post by sun_vjt » Sat, 26 Jun 2004 01:29:50

Hi All,
Does any one have any idea as to what API's etc we need to use to
enumerate the drivers installed on a system and the hierarchy

What I need is exactly what OSR's device tree provides but i dont have
the source code for that.

I was thinking of developing a tool that could monitor the IRPs to one
or more stacks on the system and so i need to know what all stacks are
present on the system so that I can attach a custom filter driver to
each stack to monitor the IRPs.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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I am taking this liberty to pose the following problem and asking for
your advice

Given a connected graph, Kirchhoff's matrix gives the total number of
spanning tree in the graph.
However enumeration can be interpreted as not only evaluating the
exact number of spanning trees but also specify the edge identifiers
for the associated branches
for such spanning tree enumeration do we have any tool ( exhaustive
and non repeating )
what is the best known algorithm in term of complexity ?

Thanks and Regards
Nitin Bhagat

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