RichEdit 2.0 and RTF tables doesn't work well

RichEdit 2.0 and RTF tables doesn't work well

Post by caront » Wed, 14 Sep 2005 10:30:33

Hi all,

I've a problem using CRichEditCtrl 2.0.
I want to format text in columns in the control. I can do it with RTF
tables. If i try the RTF code in WordPad it works well then if i try
the same code in the RichEdit the text in cells doesn't wrap and
continue on the same line overwriting anythings on the way.

There's a BUG in the RichEditCtrl?
How can i solve the problem?
Is there another MFC or free class to do the same things?

This is a sample of my RTF

this is a long text line that would wrap \cell\cell\row

Then i've added a string var to the RichEdit control, put the RTF in
the var and do UpdateData(FALSE);
Is there something wrong?
Anyway i've tryed it manually with copy and past and doen't work.

I hope someone can help me quickly before i become mad.


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Hi all,

I'm trying to use CRichEdit 2.0 Control with RTF syntax. It works fine
with some tags but i'm having some trouble with tables.
I want to write some text in the RichEdit control that is formatted in
columns and cells so i use tables.
The problem is that if i define a table in RTF the RichEdit show it but
don't wrap text inside cells, so if i write some text larger than cell
it does't wrap inside it but continue on the same row overwriting
adiacent cell.
If i try the same RTF with WordPad the text wrap correctly.
Can anyone help me to know why RichEdit control doesn't wrap on cells?

Is there other methods to format text for Views and Printer other that
write by hand a new control?

Thanks in advice.


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