sdtout/stdin redicrection in CEdit or CRichEditCtrl ????

sdtout/stdin redicrection in CEdit or CRichEditCtrl ????

Post by Alexandre » Tue, 06 Apr 2004 21:51:56

i would like make a dlg in which i can display message from stdout or stderr
which come from other application (ShellExec) or from the same
And how configure a CRichEditCtrl control to do a "return" when i
SetWindowText in which "\n" occured .....

All advice are welcome


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2. Unicode in CEdit and CRichEditCtrl

Hi together,
I would like to use unicode characters in CEdit and CRichtEditCtrl.
I'm using VS 2003 and I created a new MFC project and added the
following to the 2 automatically created header files:

#include <tchar.h>
#define _UNICODE

What's working now:
LPCWSTR uniString=_T("\x4e01");

It displays a chinese character, but the window title is just a square.

I can c&p unicode characters in tho a CRichtEditCtrl. They are displayed

But I'm not able to extract the text into a variable.

I can only export into a file:

CFile cFile(TEXT("release\\myfile.rtf"),

es.dwCookie = (DWORD) &cFile;
es.pfnCallback = MyStreamOutCallback;
ce->StreamOut(SF_RTF, es);

When I try to set SF_RTF->SF_TEXT I get a txt-file with a lot of "?".

2. CEdit is not working at all. Pasting unicode into it, I get only "?".
I did not find a Class like CEditW.

Thank you for tips, Bernd

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