Spy++ and concurrently debugging with .Net in XP

Spy++ and concurrently debugging with .Net in XP

Post by ventud » Thu, 20 May 2004 11:26:33

It seems that debugging with VC++ .Net and using Spy++ at the same
time is not permissible. If I try to monitor messages in a child
window of my currently debugged app via Spy++, I experience some ***
deadlock and can't regain control until either dev studio or Spy++ is
closed (only possible via a log off/shutdown as task manager can't
open up and allow interaction).

If I run the binary directly from Windows and use Spy++ there is no
problem, and I can view the messages. However then I can't set
breakpoints, view call stacks, adjust data, etc without the .Net
de *** .

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, is it just a fact
of life we have to live with? Or is there a setting in dev studio or
Spy++ to let the two play nice with each other?

Much obliged.

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