Best way to do this? modeless box - modal dialog comms

Best way to do this? modeless box - modal dialog comms

Post by O Ranse » Fri, 21 May 2004 15:20:50

Hello All,

I'm putting a preview into all the effects of Repligator.

So far I am previewing the image in a modeless
dialog box with no controls except the frame which
holds the preview.

The modal dialog boxes with the parameters of the
effects update the modeless dialog box fine. So
as you move the sliders you see the effect change.

But there are some values which are common to
all effects, and I'd like to put those in the modeless
dialog box as sliders.

But, of course, when I have the effects dialog box
running modal the user cannot access the sliders
in the modeless box.

Currently the modeless box is the child of the the

I can think of various solutions, but am not sure which
is best. I'll have 90 effects in the next release so
I need a solution which is easy to write for each effect!

1) Create the preview and its controls on the fly in
extra space I leave for it in every effects dialog.

2) Make the effect's dialogs modeless (this means
a lot of work for me I think, 90 of them to do!)

3) Make the modeless dialog a child of the effect
dialog. not sure if this makes sense or if it can
be done.

Urg? Drodalob? Weed?

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