Child dialog unclickable (newbie question)

Child dialog unclickable (newbie question)

Post by violin » Sat, 14 Aug 2004 03:45:07

I'm programmin a visual application using MDI and MFC.
The standard document is a real time capture from the camera.
I want to create a dialog box staying inside of the mainframe window
so i think it must be a child (not popup). but if I set the style to
child the dialog becomes unclickable.
I'm a newbie to MFC and VC++.
Can anybody helps me please?



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I'm new to windows programming so please excuse the dumb
question. I need to build a dialog based application with visual
studio 6 which has a number of tabbed dialogs within it. I have
the basic application running which switches between the
different dialogs. each dialog contains different controls for
display different sets of data which I need to dynamically update
the value of each. While I can do this in the control on the
main dialog containg the tabbed object, my application is aborted
when it attempts to update an control in the child dialog
boxes. Doesn anyone know of any simple examples of this. I
searched the internet but can find an examples showing updating
controls located on child dialog boxes.


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