Error messages - Windows 95

Error messages - Windows 95

Post by stahl » Tue, 14 Sep 2004 22:04:38

My dad's computer is running Windows 95 and using American Online
(7.0) as a browser. Internet explorer (version 5.5) is installed but
not used for browsing.

There was a bunch of infected files and I think all was cleaned. I had
downloaded AVG virus software and ran it in DOS mode.

However, there are a few error messages popping up and I am not sure
how to get rid of them. I have listed them below (not in any
particular order).

iexplore.exe file is linked to missing export wininet.dll:

Error loading iedkcs32.dll. A device attached to system is not

iexplore.exe. A device attached to system is not functioning

Wintime performed illegal operation

When he tries to access AOL he gets the following:

AOL failed to load browser module: unable to load file

Error occurred while loading an aol tool.

Something, else. A few of the programs on the desktop when
double-clicked would not do anything.

I was thinking I should just remove and reinstall Windows 95 and AOL
but I am not sure how to go about reinstalling Windows 95. So I am
asking for any advice you can give me. Thanks in advance.

Error messages - Windows 95

Post by Mike Wals » Wed, 15 Sep 2004 00:08:10

Reinstall Win95 over the existing installation, i.e. tell it to install in the same directory. That will reinstall system files and fix many registry problems.
Run your AOL installation CD. It should detect existing installations. If you have several installations (very common) tell it to reinstall the one you are using. You can tell which one to use by the date last used. If it will not reinstall / repair the existing installation tell it to do a new installation and copy the settings from the old installation.
If all else fails you will have to format and reinstall everything.


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Error messages - Windows 95

Post by Bruce Morg » Wed, 15 Sep 2004 00:51:46

First thing to do is to
run AVG in Windows mode
-- the boot-up scanner
is less comprehensive
iirc. If that doesn't
clear the problem, try
reinstalling IE 5.5.
If that doesn't work,
try funning SETUP.EXE
from your Win95 CD --
when it sees an existing
installation, it will go
into a sort of repair
mode looking for damaged

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