Win95 Exec at Shutdown

Win95 Exec at Shutdown

Post by Prof Rei » Sun, 28 Nov 2004 04:44:18


Is there a counter-part to autoexec.bat that can be used
at the other end--shutdown time, on win95 to launch
a program at that time?

This is for an older PC, in a rather remote location,
where there are a number of different
users of various skills. They are pretty good about heeding
the signs about using "ShutDown" rather than just turning
the power off, but that's about the extent of what can be
relied upon. It would be best if we didn't count on
their explicitly launching another program.

The end-time-program would do a file audit, and send email
if the PC needed a staff visit.

We just need a way to get a .bat or .exe launched by
the ShutDown process.