Cd Writer setup problem

Cd Writer setup problem

Post by Xpander2 » Sun, 01 Aug 2004 20:09:11

Hi all,

I have installed a new internal ide cd writer for a friend of mine.
The PC is win95 based and the new cd writer is the only cd drive in
the machine - an old internal one has been disconnected via removing
the power and data cable.

The installation went fine - the drive is recognised under windows,
and data can be read (and the cd writing software on cd was installed)
from the drive.

Something strange is happening though.. The computer is unstable when
the cd is removed from the cd drive either during booting up windows
95 or at any time after the operating system has finished loading. It
expects the installation cd (which includes nero express) to be in the
cd drive at all times.

As soon as the cd is removed, a "blue screen of death" appears and
cannot be resolved unless the cd is reinserted. If during boot up, the
cd is not in the drive, the error is fatal and not recoverable - a
power off and restart of the machine is the only option.

Cd Writer setup problem

Post by John Dula » Fri, 06 Aug 2004 22:16:32


Try turning OFF the DMA option for the drive. Go To Start | Settings |
Control Panel | System | Device Manager Tab | CDROM | <Your CD ROM> |
Properties | Settings Tab | DMA Check box


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Cd Writer setup problem

Post by Neil Purli » Sun, 15 Aug 2004 03:41:47

I can get a IDE internal CD-R drive off that auction site. I downloaded
something called Burn Quick for audio or data CD writing for Win 95.
What sort of spec did that PC have, Matt?
Before I get a drive I want to know.
I only have a AMD K6 233Mhz & 49Kb memory. The chipset & BIOS doesnt permit
any faster CPU.