Mr. Message (AIM client) 9/27/2004 update

Mr. Message (AIM client) 9/27/2004 update

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This "AIM" thing is just stupid. Why don't you drop it off a cliff?


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2. Mr. Message (AIM client) 8/8/2004 update

Mr. Message for OS/2 is an instant messenger client which is capable of
communicating over AOL's Instant Messenger network using the OSCAR
protocol (used in the Win32 AIM clients, jBuddy, gAIM, Kopete, ICQ, and
a variety of other clients).

It has been updated with the following changes:
* Changed login sequence to use the secure MD5 login, where only an MD5
hashed version of your password is sent after the server sends a public
key. This will make it very difficult for someone spying on your
connection to get your password.
* Changed to move the popup bubble window to the left side if you're on
the right side of the screen. This should also be multi-monitor aware.
* Session manager can now be minimized without taking your buddy list
window(s) with it.
* Instant message window pops up with the focus on the window where you
can begin typing immediately.
* Fixed a faulty memory deallocation causing a possible crash on startup
when you've added a buddy to the local buddy list.
* Fixed the window position information getting destroyed (made into
size 0 x 0) when AOL boots us.

You can download it here:
or with the full source code here:

Please read the README file before running or asking for support. As
always, feedback is appreciated.

[Reverse the parts of the e-mail address to reply.]

3. ANN: Tipshop updated Monday, 27 September 2004

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