Small (JFS.IFS or HPFS.IFS AutoCheck) install bump, Solved!

Small (JFS.IFS or HPFS.IFS AutoCheck) install bump, Solved!

Post by M.P. van D » Wed, 27 Oct 2004 17:01:56

Did solve it last night, but for others to learn from a short
recount of a smal bump in the eCS 1.2 install road.

Incidentally (as an aside observation) this was on an
AMD K6-2 450 MHz CPU PC. The CPU (being above 300
MHz clockspeed) on which you can not install Win9x at all
(without patching the install CD's at least) as there is some
timing issue in the Windows IOSubSys. Weird: A timing issue?

Well back to my small bump. This was on a system with
a disk with an existing DOS primary partition, an installable
eCS logical and two existing HPFS logical data partitions.

The install procedure would hang during the boot of the
second install phase. First with the JFS.IFS just loaded It
is of course difficut to decide if JFS was wat made it hang
or the next driver just loaded/loading but not displayed yet.
But not having any JFS partitions on this system I booted
from the install CD to the command-line and removed the
IFS.IFS by remmming it out in the CONFIG.SYS.

Now it hang (some firerce disk-activity and then total
silence) displaying the HPFS.IFS as the driver toading
or having been loaded (and finished). No way to remo-
ve that as this is needed for the boot partition of course.

Then some lucky strike made me try what would happen
if I removed the /AUTOCHECK parameter from behind that
HPFS.IFS driver. Lo and behold install phase 2 went on.

Perhaps that /AUTOCHECK could be removed or at
laest made visible when failing by the install designers?

regards from Leeuwarden
Peter van Dobben de Bruijn
use-the-net .at. (.at. becomes @)

Small (JFS.IFS or HPFS.IFS AutoCheck) install bump, Solved!

Post by Herbert Ro » Thu, 28 Oct 2004 02:54:12

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 08:01:56 UTC, "M.P. van Dobben de Bruijn"

No! But you should check the cables and connectors (one pin on the
board or the cable may be not 100% ok. Even W9x should install and
boot on that mashine.

More checks in BIOS:
- lie to the BIOS that you does NOT use OS/2. This option is for OS/2
2.0 only!
- switch APM OFF - APM does not work with all BIOSes around.
- Don't overclock or overspeed! eCS is as OS/2 a better hardware
tester as anything else around.
When the installation is complete and working you may start again
to optimize the hardware - but for install be a bit more
conservative when you
runs into problems. After install you may try to overclock the
undertime RAM and bus speed and other tricks the BIOS gives you
the boot fails or the system gets unstable.

You have a hardware flaw.

Try to boot up using the preboot screen. Select there another disk
driver. The default is danis506.add in optimum speed. Use one of the
other options as the default can fail depending on the mainboard and
the integrated IDE controller. But for that there are the


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Small (JFS.IFS or HPFS.IFS AutoCheck) install bump, Solved!

Post by M.P. van D » Fri, 29 Oct 2004 10:23:27

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 17:54:12 UTC,

Herbert, thanks for interfering.
But as I said I had solved it myself.

For the windows problem you are denying it
exists please see thee horses mouth (I have
a AMD k6-2 at 450 MHz at this PC os it applies):

<Snipped all advice on BIOS settings etc.>

I am not a complete newbie to installing OS's
nor to installing OS/2 or eCS. Done some hundreds
of that. As I wrote I was able to install and yes I
always use the pre-boot screen. I even had a small "dis-
cussion" with Kim that I would prefer non-graphical installs.
Just the plain and simple commandline copying as in DOS and set
it up from the commandline or by ASCII installers also. I was the
first one to report the APM installation problem you mention, which
made Kim write "made selectable and .... drums rolling: default is off".

As I wrote the install bump was in partitions being closed
"dirty" during the first phase (or perhaps -it being an old
drive- the old data-partitions earlier on). During the boot of
the second install phase the AUTOCHECK parameter makes the
boot hang on loading JFS and HPFS. After install it works fine now.

This is not an uncommon problem. If you initiate a CHKDSK
from the command line and certain problems with it (loading
the CHKDSK modules or in executing it) that the CHKDSK may
"die" withouth any rumbling ofthe disks at all, nor any message be-
ing displayed to us at what the problem or the reasond for that hang is.

So, allthough I thank you for your advice, I keep my
proposal (that the developers look into the possibiliies
to improve the installs in order to make them more robust)
upright. If CHKDSK fails we need to know and need ways
to easily work around it (without necessary manual editing of
the CONFIG.SYS, which requires extra knowledge and abilities).

regards from Leeuwarden
Peter van Dobben de Bruijn
use-the-net .at. (.at. becomes @)