PM Mail 2.x to MR/2 ICE Conversion Utility Available

PM Mail 2.x to MR/2 ICE Conversion Utility Available

Post by Nick Knigh » Thu, 02 Dec 2004 11:18:15

Hi Gang,

For whatever reason, I've had a bigger-than-a-handful group of folks
recently register MR/2 claiming to be converting from PM Mail. One asked me
about the age-old conversion scripts on my site; they didn't work. So, I
looked into it for him. It was a pretty easy fix.

Just for the record, there is now a utility that will convert the PM Mail
2.x format address book and messages into MR/2 ICE form. The PM Mail folder
structure is handled recursively, but flattened to fit in MR/2's structure.

If interested, go here: #utilities

You can start at the very top of that page for general MR/2 info and
download access.


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2. Thank you Mr.Pauline, Mr.Hamilton, Mr.DeVenezia, Mr.Debenham

I would like publicly THANK for the assistance received from the
members of SAS L list:

Barry Debenham, Jack Hamilton, and especially Richard A. DeVenezia and
Gerry Pauline.

I posted a question on January 26 on how to load a program, and execute it,
in the display manager, but invoke it FROM the command line on VM system.

I used Mr. DeVenezia idea of using a SAS autoexec.
This is what I did.
In the commend line I typed:
EXEC SAS (AUTOEXEC = rogramfile
Where rogramfilecontains an include statement of the program I wanted
to execute.
%include enu sas a;

Thank you Very MUCH.


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