Dns for Wseb

Dns for Wseb

Post by Dun » Tue, 02 Sep 2003 00:07:49


Can anybody help me to configure DNS server and DHCP server on Wseb.

Best Ragards Dusan

Dns for Wseb

Post by James Mo » Tue, 02 Sep 2003 05:31:31

How far have gotten?


Dns for Wseb

Post by Dun » Tue, 09 Sep 2003 06:44:31

Wseb is up and running for long time. DHCP works and I get new ip to new
connection. Main problem is that from prompt I can not get ip for web
site. Netscape or Mozilla works, but not on Wseb box. They works on my
other boxes.
Maybe I should first explane how my network look like.

---provider----wireless connection----linux box-----warp 4.5 (main
working box)------Wseb-----laptop with warp 4.5

laptop use DHCP for geting ip and other information, working box has
fixwd ip. From working box I can get information with nslookup, from
laptop not!!!

And I wolud like to get rid off linux box, but I'm not able to set up
routing on Wseb. Wseb has two nic.

Best regards!