Seeking Testing Volunteers W2K MTS/DTC to VMS DECdtm Distributed 2PC Transactions 2PC Transactions 2PC Transactions

Seeking Testing Volunteers W2K MTS/DTC to VMS DECdtm Distributed 2PC Transactions 2PC Transactions 2PC Transactions

Post by Paddy O'Br » Sun, 28 Nov 2004 17:19:09

This is not intended as a troll or to incite a language war. What
follows is just my opinion.

There is nothing "fortranesque" about any of the system service calls.
DEC has a calling standard and whether you write in BLISS, COBOL,
Fortran or PASCAl or even (shudder) C or C++ (probably several others
that I've forgotten), you can have a standard call. Personally, I prefer
to forget that C and C++ ever existed. Bad programming and use of
unsafe languages is why so many viruses are here. The language itself
might require you to do something like DEC's %ref or %val. Or with C to
create a descriptor for the equivalent of Fortran Character variables.

A sideline, what is the equivalent of a descriptor that allows the F95
SIZE intrinsic?

I use Fortran because I am into very technical electrical engineering
applications. Our engineers sometimes have runs going for days on our
production ES40 for determining transient stability limits on our
4-state interconnected system in .au.

t also depends on the applications you write whether you use Fortran or
C, or whatever. I do sometimes use C for GUI stuff, but C++, to me, is
not a safe language, and too difficult to educate safe programming in staff.

Nicklaus Wirth, to my knowledge, only intended PASCAL as a teaching
tool. He did not see a language written by one person as being viable in
a commercial or industrial environment. And C++ was written by one
person.-- BS. Doubts about Linux have also been recently expressed for
the same reason.

Regards, Paddy


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