urgent Problem in RTP Port

urgent Problem in RTP Port

Post by bsvijaya » Fri, 22 Apr 2005 00:00:58

I m workign in RedHat linux.
i have one application which will be opening the RTP and RTCP
port.(listening )
another application will send data to that port opened..

My problem is Port is opened in 2 application.
But i cant view the statistics..of packet movement in ethereal.?

some explanation on listen port.?
How to view the Port statistics..?
RTP only will do the transmission of Media..and no requirement for RTCP
isnt it?


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2. about "match ip rtp starting-port-number port-range"

The starting-port-number is from 2000 to 65535 and the port-range is from 0 to

To configure QoS for VoIP traffic on a Cisco 2621 rotuer, what I should
give for the two parameters? I saw some Cisco examples using

match ip rtp 16384 16383

But what about the other ports within the range of 2000 to 65535?

I've searched the Cisco site and the newsgroup but haven't found an answer.

Thanks very much,

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