Need pointer to cryptanalysis paper ...

Need pointer to cryptanalysis paper ...

Post by dcomma200 » Sun, 07 Mar 2004 09:36:33


Could someone point me to one or more overview papers that describe
the current knowledge about cryptanalysis techniques?

I have written application software that does encryption of static
data using openssl and Java crypto libraries using standard techniques
like symmetric key encryption (AES/3DES in CBC mode) with public key
wrapping of the symmetric keys.

But, I have not thought through the entire range of attacks possible
on such data encrypted over long periods of time. Just to make sure I
am clear, I am not looking for research topics to explore further. I
would just like to understand what is possible with techniques
available today.

Here are the issues I have been thinking about:
-- the attacks possible on the data given knowledge of the public key
(techniques like NFS and perhaps newer ones?). How long is the data
safe from decryption?

-- the attacks possible on ciphertext without needing to know the
or symmetric keys. And, the possible attacks when the attacker has
some knowledge of the structure of the plaintext. How much knowledge
is needed? How does increased knowledge of the plaintext increase the
success of attacks?

I have read some papers on chosen ciphertext attacks, but they have an
assumption of a decryption oracle that can be queried. What if such a
decryption oracle is not present, i.e. say I destroyed all public keys
and the private keys (ground the smart card to dust) ? What are the
kinds of attacks still possible? How long would it take to determine
the plaintext given current processing power?

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give you a flavor of the
problem as I was visualizing it. Please feel free to add more things
to consider.

And, as I mentioned in the beginning, any good overview papers that
will get me started, will be highly appreciated.


David Comma
Application Developer

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