Recently Used Programs?

Recently Used Programs?

Post by georg » Mon, 29 Dec 2003 01:08:58

Hi All
After powering up my computer (OS win2k) today and clicking the start
button, I noticed that my usual list of "recently used" programs has
slightly changed. After going to control panel/add-remove programs, I saw
that some of these have aparently been used today - BUT I did not run these
programs today and they do not run on start up. I run Norton Antivirus that
I update every time I connect to the internet, I also have a firewall and
adaware. What coud be the cause of this? What is the likelihood that someone
hacked into my machine and run these?

Recently Used Programs?

Post by user_unass » Mon, 29 Dec 2003 13:07:02

Anymore information?

Added a new user account?
Updated Software/Windows?
Computer failed to boot so 'rolled back to last known good config'?
Been browsing the net using IE and low security settings allowing
Spyware to install itself and run?
Got Scheduled Tasks?
Something set to Remind Me Later?

I also believe that programs that are run remotely do not show up on
that list.

Aaron Lingwood