Very important question ????

Very important question ????

Post by cadmania » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 22:15:41

Mam Outlook Express 6 po ostatniej aktualizacji z ze stronki windows
update, system WinXp. Teraz jest najlepsze : dostaje maila od
nieznanej mi osoby o tytule "Re: udokumentowac" i treści "Podobac
sie przeczytac ten udokumentowac." oraz
załącznik o nazwie "udokumentowac.zlo"
Czy wiecie coś na ten temat czy to wirus czy ktoś sobie jaja
robi ???? z gy dzięki za odpowiedź, narka Maticad24.
Hi all.
I've got Outlook Express 6 after the last update from windows update
site, operating system WinXp. Here is the best : I receive e-mails on
my count with message "podobac sie przeczytac ten udokumentowac" with
file named "udokumentowac.zlo".
Can you tell is it dangerous, if you know something about this mail,
please let me know.
Cya. Mati

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hey everyone,

my name is chris campuzano, im 19 and live outside of
philadelphia. i have a very important question about what
i should do about getting certified. As of right now im a
sophmore at Temple University. however, i want to get into
networking and temple does not provide this. i have looked
into other computer schools and found one that offers
training for MCP, MCSA, MCSE, and CAT 5 over a 24 week
period. it seems very good and its exactly what i want to
learn and do with my life. however it is $23,000. i was
wondering if people could give me advice on if that is a
good idea to go with or if there is better ways of getting
certified. also i don't know much of anything about
networks thats why i know i need classes in order to help
me. sorry this is so long but i really need help on making
a good decision. if anyone could email me or im me at
chriscampy14 it would be such a big help. thank you very much


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