"Smart Site" "Stealth Profiling"

"Smart Site" "Stealth Profiling"

Post by hondacivi » Thu, 27 May 2004 03:03:23


I just came across a web development company that is offering a
tracking technology that claims to be able to track where people go
after leaving your website. Obviously this would be a major security
concern, and I'd want to immediately install something on my proxy or
something that will prevent this from happening.


The only way I see how the "Stealth Profiling" can work, is to exploit
some weakness, probably in Internet Explorer, run a program in the
background, that continues to run even after leaving the webpage.

talks about "Browser Helper Objects".

Could anyone shed some light as to what this "Smart Site" and "Stealth
Profiling" is and how exactly it works?

The internet community welcomes your feedback in advance.