Are "Shredded" Files Really Gone?

Are "Shredded" Files Really Gone?

Post by Hade » Sat, 16 Aug 2003 13:52:45

Forever and ever and ever.

1. Are "Shredded" Files Really Gone?

2. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, am stuck on this CDOEX problem PLEASE HELP!

Here is the situation.

I am attempting to create a contact record in a public folder
programatically in Exchange 2000 on SP3 using CDOEX. Here is my script code.

Dim oPerson
Dim strURL

Set oPerson = CreateObject("CDO.Person")
oPerson.FirstName = "John"
oPerson.LastName = "Smith"
oPerson.HomeCity = "Redmond"
oPerson.HomeState = "Washington"
oPerson.Email = "SMTP: XXXX@XXXXX.COM "
oPerson.Fields("objectClass").Value = "contact"

'URL to save the contact using Exchange OLE DB Provider
strURL = http://myexchangeserver/public/Test%20Contacts/JohnSmith.EML

'Save the contact to Exchange store
oPerson.DataSource.SaveTo strURL

As you can see this is about as simple as it gets!

Ok... So when I run the code it executes without any errors. I switch over
to Outlook and go to taht public folder and it is showing the contact. So I
open the contact and everthing is there that I added.

Ok, here is where it gets funky!

I close the contact without saving or I save and close and I get the same
Can anyone shed some light on this? The code you see above is right off of
the MSDN site. I am running the script in the context of an account on the
server that is an exchange admin. I have checked the recipient update
services and they are correct. I have turn up logging on exchangeal and get
no errors.


Thanks in advance for any help!
Mike Chilson

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