Business project. Candidates welcome!

Business project. Candidates welcome!

Post by Independen » Mon, 07 Jun 2004 10:54:31

Business project. Candidates welcome!

This is a lifetime business project and one of the greatest underway!

Would you be interested if we could show you a way to spend more time with
your family but not hurt you financially?

Do you ever look at ways to make extra money?

If you came across an opportunity to make some serious money, and you could
help your friends do the same, would you do it?

Do you ever examine opportunities to diversify your income?

Would you be interested if we could show you a way to replace your full time
income by working independently on a part time or full time basis for a

If you answer yes, to ANY of these questions, then send us a brief message
with your background and contact information.

Please no resume. Just a brief letter of presentation will be enough.

You can also apply by doing the following:

- go to

- click on "Make Money"
- View the introduction
- click on "click here" ,

- choose "Canada",
- and fill in the form and submit it.

Excel's unique marketing strategy allows you to participate in this
multibillion-dollar industry.