CD Burning - Corporate Policy

CD Burning - Corporate Policy

Post by lelos » Sat, 07 Feb 2004 22:41:58

Hello All,

Does someone have a policy that states the use of CD-RW drivers in the
office? I have to define something about it, but there is little or
nothing on the infosec books related to this subject.


S Paulo, Brazil

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I have a HP dvd burner and have been having no luck burning cd's lately. I
have uninstalled Nero (no change), uninstalled and reinstalled the burner (no
change), and uninstalled Sonic. I can now burn CD-rw with WMP but not CDs.
The first 2-3 songs will burn and then the disc will finalize and I'll get a
notice that I need an empty cd for the drive.

This is a new problem - have had this system quite awhile and never had a

I'm using Windows XP home edition with WMP 11. Nero and Sonic are now
uninstalled. Anyone have a thought? Thanks!

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