IPcop: is it worse on better hardware?

IPcop: is it worse on better hardware?

Post by gaurm » Wed, 12 Jul 2006 13:11:32

I have a 2Mbps LL and have been trying to see the performance of IPcop
against mere IPtables GW and other individual software components. We
configured initially a machine with 256MB RAM and 40GB IDE HDD and
Green interface is configured with single DHCP domain for nearly 350+
machines. Performance of proxy improved slowly for all the dhcp clients
behind the firewall. And in this network we did not configure any
Orange DMZ. Figure for the network is as follows:

|--------Internal DNS Server
External-LL-2Mb-----RED----IP-cop---GREEN--------|--------DHCP server

|---------Mail server
Then we thought that may be the performance can improve "dramatically"
(with all add-ons activated like copfilter, NTOP, Banish, p2pBlock,
Snort etc.) if we employ a server class machine for the above IPcop
config. So we put in Xeon based IBM x235 server with 2GB RAM and 73GB
SCSI HDDs. But to our surprise the performance degraded visibly and we
have to take the machine off!!

Is there something wrong with the above configuration? Or do we have to
play around with the size of proxy on the larger RAM machine to deliver
better performance?
Thanks in advance for any pointers in this regard.