Queries from Chrome browser and other browsers plug-ins

Queries from Chrome browser and other browsers plug-ins

Post by S Clau » Mon, 08 Jun 2009 17:23:56

A posting from another site that made me think about how Chrome users
probably unwittingly are helping Google to index the web...

(source: http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ~dan/blog/archives/000267.html)

Over on IRC, I made a casual reference to a URL.
specifically. It's a GIF I swap in for the real image when I find
folks linking to images in the background collection. (For the record,
it's the background image from the nifty.org archive of gay/ *** /bi
fiction (though work-safe) and has the twin advantages of being very
light (so it tends to obscure white text) and subtly subversive, while
still being tasteful)

It's not that I care that people look at the backgrounds, nor that
they grab them for their own use. I found them ages ago in a free
collection of web graphics and threw them up there myself for my own
use, and I'm certainly not going to complain when other folks grab
them and use them--go for it and good luck. I'd just rather you use
the copy on your server, not mine. :)

Anyway, I made an offhand comment on IRC with the URL for the real
image (I hardlink it on the server, rather than playing Apache
redirect games) and three minutes later... Pow! There was googlebot,
looking at it. Turns out that one of the folks on the channel'd looked
at it, and they run Opera with the google stuff on it so presumably
that's how google got the URL. I will admit to being very impressed
with the speed that the crawler struck out with (and it was the
crawler, at least according to the log data and the PTR record for the
IP address) but still...