[tao-users] NS/IFR

[tao-users] NS/IFR

Post by rajivverm » Tue, 26 Aug 2003 18:07:50

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My client is an ISP and needs to have a firewall and due to which
some issues have come up.
Please see the following example:
I am running the NamingService and Interface Repository with
ORBEndpoint option.

And I run my Server.exe using the following command:
% armServ $NS $IFR &
NS = -ORBInitRef
IFR =-ORBInitRef

After running my server I find that this server has used two
exclusive ports for establishing a connection with IFR and NS,
and these ports are random. Due to this the client is having a
diificulty in putiing a firewall
Is there any way I could fix these ports?
I went through the documentation but could not find anything
helpful.I am stucked with this issue for months.
Please suggest.
Thanks and Regards,
Rajiv Verma

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A few issues in the IFR have been resolved, try x.6.1 which you can obtain
from http://download.dre.vanderbilt.edu


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