Dot and Cross products for Complex Numbers

Dot and Cross products for Complex Numbers

Post by Herman Kuu » Wed, 08 Dec 2010 20:48:28

Anyone can point me to good documentation using the "Dot" (.) and "Cross"
(x) products with complex numbers? Using




is extremely limited in content and examples.


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I am trying to find the angle between two vectors. This
is going to be between -pi and pi and positive for counterclockwise
Using dot product I seem to get the correct results but I can't
the result for the cross product. Can someone help?
I attach a snippet and some explanation below.
v1 = [0.0023 -0.0439];
v2 = [1 0];
v1_3D = [v1 0];
v2_3D = [v2 0];

CP = cross(v2_3D, v1_3D); % order matters: rotate v2 to v1

sign = 1;
if CP(3) < 0 % clockwise acute angle
sign = -1;

angleDot = sign*acos( dot(v1,v2)/(norm(v1)*norm(v2)) )
angleCross = sign*acos( norm(CP)/(norm(v1_3D)*norm(v2_3D)) )


Now: acos(dot(v1,v2)/(norm(v1)*norm(v2))) -> 1.5185 which seems to be
the correct angle (without the sign)

acos( norm(CP)/(norm(v1_3D)*norm(v2_3D)) ) -> 0.0523, that appear to
pi/2 - 1.5185.

Does anyone know why this happens? I expected them to give the same


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