Contour/Level-set extraction in scilab

Contour/Level-set extraction in scilab

Post by greenmeani » Sat, 23 Jul 2005 19:35:44

I am attempting to put together a simple hack to extract the
instantaneous zero level set from an evolving surface.

Am I correct in saying that contour2di() allows the extraction of a set
of contours or level sets from a surface for a specified number of
levels for from a provide a vector containing the desired ith levels.
It does not, however, permit a the coordinates of the level set of a
given value to be extracted off a surface?

Is there a scilab built-in function that can do what I am trying to do,
or will I need to code my own from scratch? From what I have seen of
the source code it seems that the contouring primative doesn't work the
way I would like to use it, although I am probably wrong there....

Anybody out there have any suggestions?