XMLlab-1.4-rc1 is out

XMLlab-1.4-rc1 is out

Post by stephane.m » Sat, 09 Apr 2005 21:49:34

The release candidate (1.4-rc1) of the XMLlab Toolbox for Scilab
is out. Among other improvements, the installation phase has been
dramatically improved and should not be a hassle any more. The
required version of Scilab is *Scilab-3.1-rc1*.

For those who still don't have heard about XMLlab, please go to
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ . Here is an excerpt of the introduction of the
installatio manual :

XMLlab is an XML-based simulation authoring environment. The proposed
description language allows to describe mathematical objects such as
systems of ordinary differential equations, systems of non-linear
equations, partial differential equations in two dimensions, or simple
curves and surfaces.
It also allows todescribe the parameters on which these objects depend.
This language is independent of the software and allows to ensure a
relative perennity of authors work, as well as collaborative work and
content reuse.

The XMLlab site has not been updated yet for the 1.4 release, so please
use the following links to download the new version :