SIVP 0.3.0 win32 released

SIVP 0.3.0 win32 released

Post by shiqi.y » Tue, 04 Jul 2006 00:31:50

The win32 version for SIVP was released.
You can download it from SIVP homepage

About SIVP 0.3.0
SIVP 0.3.0 is really a new version which is more compatible with Matlab
Image Processing toolbox. Some functions in previous versions but not
be listed in Matlab Image Processing toolbox will be discarded. They
can still be used in version 0.3.0, but not listed in man pages.

Features for version 0.3.0:

* Supported image:
channel: 1-channel (binary or grayscale image), 3-channel (RGB
data type: boolean, uint8, int8, uint16, int16, int32, double
* Image I/O functions: imread, imwrite
* GUI: imshow
* Video I/O, camera read functions: aviinfo, aviopen, camopen,
aviclose, avicloseall, avilistopened, avireadframe
* Image type conversion: im2bw, im2uint8, im2int8, im2uint16,
im2int16, im2int32, im2double, mat2gray
* Spatial transformation functions: imcrop, imresize
* Image analysis and statistics functions: mean2, corr2,
* Image arithmetic functions: imabsdiff
* Linear Filtering and Transforms: imfilter, fspecial