compilation problem --- Scilab R C 4.0

compilation problem --- Scilab R C 4.0

Post by Jean-Pierr » Sun, 25 Dec 2005 00:58:27


I downloaded both the binary version and the src version, and I wished
to compile using ATLAS under Mandriva 2005.

I get the following error:

ld: crtbegin.o: No such file: No such file or directory
make: *** [bin/scilex] Erreur 1

The binary version seems to work just fine. I grep'ed the whole
directory, and crtbegin.o is nowhere present. Can anyone give me a
workaround so I can compile with ATLAS, which provided a clear
efficiency improvement in a previous version of scilab.

Thanks, keep up the excellent work!

Season's greeting!


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2. global %helps in ENRICO: problem compilation Scilab 3.1.1

Dear all,

When I try to install ENRICO as root on Scilab 3.1.1 and as I typed
<exec('builder.sce')>, it compiled well (incl. histof.c) but flagged an
error when ti read "global %helps // Serger orders it, I am not
convinced" giving the following message:

global %helps //Serge orders it, I'm not convinced
!--error 13
redefining permanent variable
at line 41 of exec file called by :

I commented the line corresponding to global %helps and compiled it.
This time it did compile but gave a bunch of errors while creating the
help files. Some sample errors are shown below:

Creating whatis.htm in man-xml
Processing chapter man-xml/
Processing file isosurf3d.xml
sh: sabcmd: command not found
Warning isosurf3d.xml does not follow the dtd
Processing file traj2.xml
sh: sabcmd: command not found
Warning traj2.xml does not follow the dtd
Processing file spherecast.xml
sh: sabcmd: command not found
Warning spherecast.xml does not follow the dtd
Processing file oplot3d.xml
sh: sabcmd: command not found

........................ and so on

As a user I was able to load the shared archives using
<exec('loader.sce')> but it of course gave the same error when it
encountered the saem global %helps in loader.sce

Could I receive some help in this matter? Any help is greatly

Thank you in advance for your time and patience.

best regards

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