PowerBuilder Developer - Sacramento, CA 6 months +

PowerBuilder Developer - Sacramento, CA 6 months +

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Please send us matching profiles for this position in Sacramento, CA

PowerBuilder Developer

Job Type: Contract, Start Date: ASAP, Duration:
30-Sep-06, Number Of Openings: 1, Location: Folsom , Sacrameno, CA

Optional Skills:

Public Sector-HHS


This is the largest system of its kind in the country. The
application will replace a 31-year-old legacy system used by a
consortium of
18 California Counties.

Major components of the application will include eligibility
benefit calculation and "one-stop" integration of case management and
welfare-to-work services.

IMPORTANT: Candidates presented must be W2 employees of your firm or
one of
the firms within your vendor network

ROLE: PowerBuilder Developer

. 5+ years of PowerBuilder (v6.0 or higher) experience.
. 5+ years of C experience
. 4+ years of experience on working with Oracle 8i, MS SQL Server
. Strong Knowledge of working with Configuration Management tools like
. Strong Analytical and Technical skills
. Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
. Welfare system expertise

1. Project Stipulation--NO CONTRACTORS for this project should be a
third-party subs--only direct W2 employees of the supply firm , so
please DO
NOT submit any 3rd party candidates.
2. The subcontractor employee must be prepared to sign project
confidentiality and competition agreements.

Technical Environment:
Front end layer is being written in PowerBuilder; the business logic
reside in services that will be managed by Tuxedo; and the back end
of a SEQUENT enterprise server that will host an Oracle database.



PowerBuilder Developer - Sacramento, CA 6 months +

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