PowerBuilder MAPI and mime-types

PowerBuilder MAPI and mime-types

Post by kotukunu » Thu, 29 Apr 2004 13:27:20

I have an application written in PB8 which automatically sends out an
e-mail with an attached file using the user's MAPI enabled mail client
(in this case MS Outlook)
However, when the e-mail is received at the other end, attached files
are Base64 encoded even though they are just ASCII text files.

Is there any way that the PB code that sends the e-mail can influence
the decision to Base64 encode the attached files? There does not seem
to be a field for specifying mime-type to the MAPI calls. The attached
files have an extension of .TXT so I thought they would go

The other option is obviously that the mail client/server needs to be
trained to NOT encode the files. If they are using the Outlook client
on Windows XP, how do you teach it to not encode files?

Thanks for any help or advice.

Evan Yates

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