Printing Datawindow to Oki

Printing Datawindow to Oki

Post by s.westlan » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 17:28:22

Printing a datawindow to an oki 3391. We have had to define a form
size of 13 inches wide by 8.5 inches high as powerbuilder (7) doesnot
offer this size.
We are printing to continous form pre-printed stationary. There is
hardly any distance between the last item on the page and the item on
the top of the next page. And the problem we're having is that the
printer jumps down around 1.5 cm at the start of each print. 1.5 cm
that we can't afford, throwing the next page of alignment.
Have tried adjusting top of form with no success. Have tried printer
with notepad and wordpad, and it jumps in both these but by different
amounts, and in wordpad there is no jump in the very first print.
Although inconsistent this makes us think it is coming from the
There are no margin in the form we have defined for the printer, and
margins in powerbuilder printer specifications are also 0, Paper size
is default.
Any thoughts ?

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hi all
i have a datawindow with sle's and 2 bbrowsers
when i click to open a datawindow of on the records in one of the browsers
parentwindow is open and owner of child datawindow
the child datawindow does not open a new window but it just bleeds into the
parent datawindow
if i open child with no owner i get a nice clean window

child{self}:show() /// bleads into parent
child{}:show() // complete window

do i have a property set wrong or what

thanks dave

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