properties new project - grayed out - PB 9.0 Prof

properties new project - grayed out - PB 9.0 Prof

Post by Rawu » Tue, 21 Jun 2005 21:18:10

I've a problem with properties of the new project. I need f.e. change
icon in .exe file but i can't click properties button. In bar i've 4
icon: "Save", "Select object", "Properties" and "Deploy" and second and
third are grayed out. In edit this options are grayed out too. I'm
trying find sth in Net but without succes. What's wrong with it?? Thanks
for answer.

Radoslaw Wnuk

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As I stated we have other positions here in my company that manage
"project-like" tasks. We have three different levels in our IT department.
We have the high end projects that only our project managers/leaders take
care of, the high level work request that are treated like projects in which
our BRMs take care of and then we have the low level work request that our
SMEs work on. ALL of the those levels utilize the same resources. Our PMs
already had training long before on the desk top application from PCubed.

However, a no and a helpful suggestion on maybe how to make it easier on
people who are not familar with the desk top application would have been
appreciated rather than coming across very condenscending. And just for your
information, my company has been using Project Server for over five years
now, we are only in the process of testing 2007 for an upgrade.

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