Dynamic Datawindow size problem

Dynamic Datawindow size problem

Post by steve.dewi » Sat, 30 Aug 2008 06:19:53

I have a process that adds columns to a datawindow by parsing and
manipulating that datawindow syntax. This works fine until I reach a
certain number of columns. After 21 it throws a datawindow syntax
error when I call the create method.

Is there a size limit for the syntax that can be passed to the
create() method for a datawindow? Right now anything under 800K works.
Anything over and it errors.

We have spent about a full day, 2 guys, on this and the size seems to
be the only thing we can come up with.

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hi all
i have a datawindow with sle's and 2 bbrowsers
when i click to open a datawindow of on the records in one of the browsers
parentwindow is open and owner of child datawindow
the child datawindow does not open a new window but it just bleeds into the
parent datawindow
if i open child with no owner i get a nice clean window

child{self}:show() /// bleads into parent
child{}:show() // complete window

do i have a property set wrong or what

thanks dave

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