Difference in using proc tabulate and proc mean to compute median?

Difference in using proc tabulate and proc mean to compute median?

Post by xxu881015 » Mon, 14 Aug 2006 12:44:35


I have a large number of data and need to find the median.
I tried proc tabulate and received a WARNING: A shortage of memory has
caused the quantile computations to terminate prematurely ...
However, when I used proc mean to compute the median it can complete
without problems. So I guess my questions are 1) why proc tabulate
gives a warning while proc mean is ok, 2) if both proc works, do they
give the same result?

Thank you!

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I've got two character class variables: name and color. Colors are
red, green, blue, yellow. Names are bob, sue, steve, martha, etc.
the data looks like:

bob red
pat green
ted blue
bob green
pat red
bob red
I'm trying to get a table like the following:
red green blue
Total N % N % N %
Bob 3 2 66 1 33 0 0
Pat 2 1 50 1 50 0 0
Ted 1 0 0 0 0 1 100
Sum 6 3 2 1

Where Total are the total # records for each name, N are the number of
times a color is found for one name, % is N/Total*100

How would you do this using proc report?


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