SAS Teaching Position / Teach SAS Programming in Cambridge

SAS Teaching Position / Teach SAS Programming in Cambridge

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Training location: Cambridge , Massachusetts=0APosition type: temporary, pa=
rt-time=0AMinimum education: bachelor's degree=0AMinimum experience: 3 year=
s of SAS programming in the pharma/biotech/CRO industry=0A=A0=0AA Cambridge=
, Massachusetts-based nonprofit biotechnology service organization is looki=
ng to hire=A0a SAS statistical programmer with=A0pharma/biotech/CRO industr=
y experience to teach=A0SAS programming on Saturdays to a small group.=A0Go=
od, nonprofit pay rate. Good teaching and learning environment. Please join=
us in Cambridge. =0A=A0=0ATo apply, please email=A0your resume with contac=
t details to: XXXX@XXXXX.COM =0A=0A=0A

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Dear SAS Servlisters:

I am a Stata user, and am trying to learn SAS too. In Stata, in a syntax
file, I can write something:


Then it will invoke dofile1-dofile3 and run the contents in these do
files. So that if I have a series of consecutive data management and
analysis jobs in different do files, I can execute them by running one
file that contains a series of do commands without having to open those
files and run them one by one. This is critical when I don't want to mess
up my analysis with data management; that is, I'd like to put syntax of
different functions (data management and analysis) in different syntax
files. How to do this in SAS? For example I want to contain
syntax that manages data set A, while in I have syntax to run
a bunch of models using the just-managed data set A. Well, I don't want to
physically open these two files, and physically click the running man to
execute. Instead, can I use a third syntax file, call it that
executes and Thanks a lot.

Jun Xu
Department of Sociology
Indiana University

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