Proc Report - Like Proc Freq?

Proc Report - Like Proc Freq?

Post by louis.lapr » Sat, 23 Aug 2003 00:40:19

HI Bruce,

Example 10 in the proc report online doc?


proc report data=grocery nowd headline;

column ('Individual Store Sales as a Percent of All Sales'
sector manager sales,(sum pctsum) comment);

define manager / group
define sector / group
define sales / format=dollar11.2
define sum / format=dollar9.2
'Total Sales';

define pctsum / 'Percent of Sales' format=percent6. width=8;
define comment / computed width=20 '' flow;

compute comment / char length=40;

if sales.pctsum gt .15 and _break_ = ' '
then comment='Sales substantially above expectations.';
else comment=' ';

rbreak after / ol summarize;

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Onderwerp: Proc Report - Like Proc Freq?

I would like to do something that seems to be very basic, but I can't find a
good example in the manual, and I didn't see anything in the archives (could
be a search error) so, here we go...

Proc report data=&dsname nowindows headline;
column quarter month dischgs percent;
define quarter / group "Quarter of Discharge";
define month / group "Month of Discharge";
define dischgs / sum "Number of Discharges";
define percent / computed "Monthly Percentage";

What I'm looking for is output that is similar to:

Proc freq data=&dsname;
tables quarter*month / list missing nocum;

So, I'd like to get a row percentage for each month in the report. Or would
I be better off running proc freq and outputting the result to a dataset and
running proc report on that?


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