How do I add a unique styled "Welcome Page" to a Front Page site?

How do I add a unique styled "Welcome Page" to a Front Page site?

Post by Q2VlSmF5VU » Thu, 06 Oct 2005 21:40:02

Please please Help! I need to create a simple Welcome Page on an existing
FrontPage website. This page would greet users when entering the site's URL.
The page would be at the top of the site navigation and simply comprise of: a
welcome paragraph; an image; and an "ENTER SITE" link that would take the
user to an Index Page.

To do this, I cannot find any option that will allow me to create a new
blank page WITHOUT the headers/footers and top/side navigation (as per the
rest of the website). I've spent the past two days scouring the net for
answers- I'm going mad - I'm doing this work voluntarily for a charity... so
please help... it's for a good cause!

How do I add a unique styled "Welcome Page" to a Front Page site?

Post by Thomas A. » Thu, 06 Oct 2005 22:36:23

You can only have a single "home" page, so you would have to rename you current index page to
another name and then create your new index page and link it to your original home page that you
just renamed.

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How do I add a unique styled "Welcome Page" to a Front Page site?

Post by Ronx » Thu, 06 Oct 2005 23:59:10

IMO, The best way to do this is - do not do it. When I visit a site I want
the fastest way to the content. A "welcome" page is there to slow that
access down.

The second best way requires your host supports subwebs. However, for an
existing website any search engine listings will be effectively lost.
Create a subweb (new folder, right click and convert to subweb).
Then File->Publish Site (the entire site) to the subweb.
Delete the contents of the original web, except _private and images
folders - delete the contents of these.
Create your splash page and give it the same name as the home page. On this
page include a link to the real home page (in the subweb).
This method will ensure your visitors do not get back to the splash page
from the main web site.

If subwebs are not supported (or you do not wish to disrupt search engine
listings) create the splash page naming it index2.htm. If you use FrontPage
navigation components, place the page in the navigation view, next to the
existing home page.
Rename the home page to index1.htm (or whatever new name you wish to call
There will be warnings galore - ignore them.
Rename the splash page to the name of the home page. The icons associated
with page should adopt the House symbol.
In navigation view, move the old home page below the spalsh page.

Note that any link bars pointing to the homepage will now point to the
splash page - you might wish to drop the FrontPage navigation, and build
your own.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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How do I add a unique styled "Welcome Page" to a Front Page site?

Post by Andrew Mur » Sun, 09 Oct 2005 09:00:59

Start a New Page, name it "index.html" (or whatever your host requires the
home page name to be). Make your Welcome page however you like.

To turn off the shared borders (which I assume you mean by "footers" and
"headers") go to the Format menu > Shared Borders and turn the borders off
(make sure you check the "current page" option so you don't turn the borders
off for other pages, if you use them).