Post by ZmlsbGVfYX » Tue, 20 Sep 2005 03:29:02

I'm using FP 2000. I've created a shared border on the left of the page,
without navigation bar, a logo shared border on the top of the page.
I typed text in the left shared border, like:

About Us
Contact (etc..)

and then highlight the text, create hyperlink to the "about us" page,
"profile" page etc., also the logo text as hyperlink to the home page. BUT I
WAS UNABLE TO LINK IT TO THAT PAGE when I do a preview??! I heard I should
save it everytime, is that possible problem?

My other problems are:

1. Once the text becomes hyperlinks, they are underlined. How can I delete
the underline? I tried "hyperlink properties>format>font>check "blink""
This seems to work in the preview. Will this effectively delete the
underline when I publish it in real?

2. Rollover effects... I want only my navigation text to have the rollover
effects and NOT my logo. But once I set the rollover effects, I cannot limit
the effects to only be in the Shared Borders.. any tips to resolve that? Do
I have to set the rollover effects on every page of my Shared Borders? and my
hyperlinks too?!!!

Also, when I tried the rollover, only my text becomes bold, it didn't change
color... what's wrong?