"unmatched" files that behave like "unchanged"

"unmatched" files that behave like "unchanged"

Post by Sam S » Wed, 18 Aug 2004 01:10:57

I have a site which was created in FP2002. Sometime after
upgrading to FP2003, when I go to Publish, I now see a
bunch of files which are listed as "unmatched" even
though I didn't change them. When I publish, these files
don't get published, but I'm wondering how to fix this
and whether is a symptom of some other problem lurking.

All of my files on my local computer show the owner
as "<computername>\Default" and on the remote site
as "<accountname at my web host>" and they all have
slightly different file sizes on my web host's linux web
servers, but other files show up as "unchanged" so this
doesn't seem to be the reason for the "unmatched" state.
I've tried recalculating hyperlinks, no help.


"unmatched" files that behave like "unchanged"

Post by Jim Buyen » Wed, 18 Aug 2004 03:03:07

An unmatched file is normally one that exists on the
soruce but not on the destination. Publishing the file
will normally get rid of the "Unmatched" designation.

If the file isn't publishing, either:

o Right-click it in Remote Site View, and then select
Publish Selected Files.
o Right-click it in Remote Site View, and if
Don't Publish is checked, select that option
to uncheck it.

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