FrontPage 2003 or Expression?

FrontPage 2003 or Expression?

Post by cmxiMjAyM » Tue, 30 Jan 2007 07:49:00

I have been tasked with setting up an intranet site to for documentation
control, information management thoughout all departments, and providing a
mechanism for various teams to enter/track tasks. I have a limited
experience programming in html and Visual Basic which leads me to the
following questions:

1) Which software would be most user friendly to a person with limited
programming experience?

2) Would this software provide a way to electronically track documents which
require approval from multiple groups as well as electronic verification of
the document status (ISO 9000 compliant)?

3) Rather than starting with FrontPage, should I use Expression instead?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance!

FrontPage 2003 or Expression?

Post by David Berr » Tue, 30 Jan 2007 09:49:53

Since Expression is the newer product you might want to try that. You can
download a free trial version at
to check it out for 30 days.

For tracking documents your web host would need to have some type of source
control program (like Visual Source Safe) available for you to use.