FPXP: Cannot add database

FPXP: Cannot add database

Post by Gus » Thu, 24 Jun 2004 10:05:27

When I add a database in the web configuration dialog Frontpage shows it in
the list, I test the connection and it works ok but then, when I close the
dialog and open it again the database connection isn't there anymore.

I tried adding it via "Components/Database result/New database" but it shows
an error saying that the db cannot be created.

Any ideas?
I'm using Frontpage XP connecting to an IIS5 Window2000 server with FP2002


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2. Cannot add new Account - SQL2005 Database Mail

I am configuring Database Mail on a new SQL2005 installation. I've
updated to SP1 (9.00.2047).

When I try to add a new account in Database Mail I get an error and the
account does not get created (last step in the config wizard). The
last section of the error says...

Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'servername', table
column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.
The statement has been terminated. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 515)

I have tried adding the account a variety of ways for a variety of
different types of accounts with a variety of different server names
with the same error.

So, I changed the msdb..sysmail_server table structure to allow NULL in
the servername column. When I add the account it puts in a record in
the sysmail_server table with a NULL servername value. I then did an
UPDATE statement to add the proper server name value.

I am able to send an email using Database Mail with this setup, but I
am assuming that I don't need to mess with the system table

Does anyone know what might be causing this error?

Thanks for your help.


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