[wxGTK & wxMSW]: wxComboBox

[wxGTK & wxMSW]: wxComboBox

Post by tomm » Thu, 09 Feb 2006 02:23:01

What I'm trying to do is a "edit box" in which when you type something
it will go against a predefined list and present to the user all the matches

i.e: if I type "Tom" it will bring up a list with "Tom", "Tommy", "Tommy 2" ,
Is this possible to do with wxComboBox or should I look into another
solution ?
I didn't see a single function that would bring up the list in the combobox..
only the window option wxCB_SIMPLE that only seems to work under windows.

so basically, can you in wxComboBox bring up the list from within a EVT_TEXT ?

/ Tommy

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Carsten A. Arnholm
N59.776 E10.457

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