wxSocket connect fails (wxMac 2.6.0 / CW 8.3 / unicode / mach-o target)

wxSocket connect fails (wxMac 2.6.0 / CW 8.3 / unicode / mach-o target)

Post by shrut » Thu, 29 Sep 2005 23:17:17


I am porting Client/server application on mac using wxWidgets.

I am using wxMac 2.6.0 (unicode, Mach-o)/ CW 8.3 / Mac OS 10.3.

I tried running my client to open a socket but unfortunately, the
client returns that it cannot connect.

To make sure there isn't anything wrong on my side i tested this issue
with the socket sample provided (mach-o + unicode) but that too fails
to connect.

The socket (client) sample fails to connect only with mach-o target &
wxUSE_UNICODE flag set to 1. It works well with Carbon target.

Thanks in Advance !

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I need to debug my newly cloned MACH-O target. I can single-step the
code and the de *** window (Main Thread) is present during this. If I
run the project a "Log" window appears and the "Main Thread" window
goes away. The Log window says:

Debugging started for ebstofip at 11:27:55 AM
Starting Mach-o App: /Volumes/Our
Stuff/alen/admin/ICGS/consulting/MTi/shared modules/ipmerge/ebstofip
ebstofip: TCID MSFX set [ipmerge_InitData:Tue Mar 2 16:27:59 2004
Debugging stopped for ebstofip at 11:28:00 AM

The message starting "ebstofip" is generated by my application and is

Why is the Debugging stopped? If I run the executable from a terminal I
get the expected continuation of the program past this point with lots
more output.

If I set a breakpoint in my code, I get the same "Debugging stopped"
effect. i.e. the breakpoint is not reached and the program terminates
with no explanation.

I do not know how to proceed at this point :-(. I'm going to rebuild
all the pre-compiled headers and libraries again just in case my
original 8.3 upgrade was not correctly done (over a year ago (who can
remember that far back?)).

Suggestions anyone?


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