[ANN] Spectrum Announces Availability of the SpectrumSCM Plugin for Eclipse 3.0

[ANN] Spectrum Announces Availability of the SpectrumSCM Plugin for Eclipse 3.0

Post by Sudarshan » Sun, 25 Jul 2004 03:59:30

Atlanta - July 22nd, 2004: Atlanta-based Spectrum Software, Inc., a systems
designer and developer of software productivity tools, announced today the
immediate availability of an updated plugin to integrate SpectrumSCM, its
enterprise Source Configuration Management tool, with the latest version of
the Eclipse Platform -- Eclipse 3.0. Eclipse is an award-winning universal
platform for tools integration, software modeling and testing that has been
broadly adopted by commercial vendors, academic institutions and open
technology developers.

SpectrumSCM is the first truly integrated, platform independent,
full-featured (Version Control, Issue Tracking, Change Management, Process
Management/Control, Workflow, Release Management, Parallel Development)
source configuration management system in the market place that provides
full CM functionality. SpectrumSCM is a flexible, process based system that
can be used to manage the entire project lifecycle. SpectrumSCM provides
comprehensive source configuration management for any 'e-Asset' from
origination through delivery, maintenance, and support.

The new plugin is an upgrade to the already existent plugin for Eclipse 2.1.
The integration of SpectrumSCM with the open source Eclipse platform brings
advanced software configuration management features not only to the Eclipse
IDE, but also to all applications and plug-ins that are built for or on top
of the Eclipse platform. "The integration of SpectrumSCM and the Eclipse
platform provides current Eclipse users with powerful version control, issue
tracking and process management features. It also provides direct SCM
integration for new development environments that are based on the Eclipse
platform itself, like IBM's WebSphere Studio Application Developer." added
Adrian Raybould, Director of Software Development at Spectrum Software.

"This is yet another reflection of our commitment to support and enhance the
use of SpectrumSCM with technology that is very popular amongst developers.
It has further demonstrated that SpectrumSCM offers a proven combination of
value and functionality that is only available in truly integrated tools
like SpectrumSCM. In the past year, SpectrumSCM has been seen as a very
powerful and affordable alternative to many of the available peer CM
solutions. It has now enabled organizations, small and large, to implement a
solid, cost-effective enterprise wide CM solution without having to doubt
their investment." added Sarathi Srinivasan, President and CEO, Spectrum
Software Inc.


SpectrumSCM, is available directly from Spectrum Software, Inc. For pricing,
demos and sales information, please contact Spectrum sales representative
(email: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) at 770-448-8662 (North America).

About Spectrum

Spectrum Software is a decade plus-old, proven software systems design and
services firm providing cost-effective, efficient and quality software
products and services to large and small businesses. Spectrum Software has
three divisions: Software Services, which focuses on outsourcing and leading
software development projects for clients; Spectrum Multimedia, which
creates multimedia-based software products for children; and the Software
Products division, which engineers software tools and products. For more
information on Spectrum Software and SpectrumSCM, check out the company's
Web site at www.spectrumscm.com or call 770.448.8662.