"template <> struct hash<T*>" seems to be a miss

"template <> struct hash<T*>" seems to be a miss

Post by Subaru » Thu, 16 Sep 2010 23:24:53

I found a miss in N3126 20.8.15 Class template hash [unord.hash];
"template <> struct hash<T*>" should be "template <class T> struct

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2. RSS feed <> sql server <> aspx <> xml <> blog

I have been researching articles on google on how to create a simple RSS
feed that sucks <title><blurb><link><date> out of a sql server 2000 database
via an aspx page.

I know it has to be pushed into a <xml> document but not sure which
direction to take.

Is there perhaps a starter document which uses sql server as the data source
I can tap into.

I am a newbie to aspx but I it appears there is a lot of inbuilt support for
this application and I don't wish to go down to many wrong paths or reinvent
the wheel.

Any advice appreciated!


ps: It appears that <rss> is tied in heavily with <blogs> these days....is
anyone come up with a combined solution?


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