Defect Report: Multiple definitions of unused function/variable.

Defect Report: Multiple definitions of unused function/variable.

Post by Andrew Sch » Thu, 02 Dec 2010 11:18:26

The obvious intent of section 3.2 [basic.def.odr] is that non-inline
non-template functions and variables must have exactly one definition
if used or may have either zero or one definitions if not used, but no
requirement in the Standard actually says that multiple definitions
make the program ill-formed when the function or variable is not used.

Paragraph 1 forbids only multiple definitions in the same translation unit.

Paragraph 3 says "Every program shall contain exactly one definition
of every non-inline function or variable that is used in that program;
no diagnostic required." but says nothing about an unused non-inline
function or variable.

Paragraph 5 lists the cases where more than one definition for the
same entity is allowed, but does not say that declarations which are
not on that list may not have multiple definitions in the program.

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2. Defect Report [N2134]: Two unspecified function comparators in [function.objects]

The header <functional> synopsis in [function.objects]-20.5/2
contains the following two free comparison operator templates
for the function class template

template<class Function1, class Function2>
void operator==(const function<Function1>&, const
template<class Function1, class Function2>
void operator!=(const function<Function1>&, const

which are nowhere described.
I assume that they are relicts before the corresponding two
private and undefined member templates in the function
template (see and have been introduced.
The original free function templates should be removed, because
using an undefined entity would lead to an ODR violation of the

Proposed resolution:

Remove the above mentioned two function templates from
the header <functional> synopsis (20.5/2)

Greetings from Bremen,

Daniel Krler

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